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koruna/[kəu'ru:nɑ:]/ 克朗;克朗...

听美剧学英语《老友记第三季》(MP3+双语字幕+文本) 05

[00:07.74]So what happened? Did a forest tick you off? 怎么回事,森林惹到你了?
[00:13.17]We always say we need a place for the mail. 我们一直说需要信件柜
[00:21.78]I started building one. But then I decided to take it to the next step. 所以我就动工了,然后呢 我决定更进上一层楼
[00:28.02]You're building a post office? 你要盖邮局?
[00:31.46]No,an entertainment unit, with a built-in mail cubby. 不是,是一个娱乐专用柜 内含信件柜
[00:34.93]It's a one-day job,max. 顶多一天就能搞定 好
[00:39.10]My word,those are snug! 你的裤子还真帖啊
[00:44.31]These are my old work pants. 这是我的旧工作裤
[00:46.17]Sergio Valente. “亚曼范伦铁”
[00:58.-4]Power saw kind of got away from me there. 刚才电锯有点失控
[01:02.16]The One With Frank Jr. 本集播出:“亲亲小弟”
[01:53.41]Hey,Pheebs. Any sign of your brother? 菲比,你弟出现了吗?
[01:55.94]No,but he's always late. 还没,不过他很爱迟到
[01:58.21]-I thought you only met him once. -I did. 你不是只见过他一次? 是啊
[02:02.28]I think it sounds big sister-y, "Frank's always late." 这样讲有姐姐的派头 “法兰克老是迟到”
[02:06.69]Well,relax. He'll be here. 别急,他会来的
[02:09.12]I know. I'm just nervous. 我知道,我只是很紧张
[02:11.13]It's just,Mom's dead, don't talk to my sister... 我妈死了,我不和我姐说话
[02:14.60]...Grandma's been sleeping a lot lately. 奶奶最近都在睡觉
[02:17.90]It's just the "last-desperate- chance-to-have-a-family" kind of thing. 这是我拥有家人的最后机会
[02:22.20]You're sweet to wait with me. 你真好,还陪我等
[02:23.94]Actually,Gunther sent me. You're not allowed to have cups out here. 是阿甘叫我来的 杯子不能拿出来
[02:31.-4]Does anyone else think David Copperfield's cute? 还有谁觉得大卫考柏菲可爱?
[02:35.72]No. But he told me he thinks you're a fox. 没有,不过他告诉我 他觉得你很帅
[02:40.62]All right. Janice likes him. 珍妮丝喜欢他
[02:42.49]In fact,she likes him so much, she put him on her "freebie" list. 喜欢到把他放进 她的名人性爱名单里
[02:50.06]Her what? 她的什么?
[02:51.17]We have a deal where we each pick five celebrities we could sleep with... 我们说好 一人可以挑五个名人上床
[02:57.14]...and the other one can't get mad. 另一个人不准生气
[02:59.57]The heart of every healthy relationship: 这是健全男女关系的要素
[03:02.84]Honesty,respect and sex with celebrities. 诚实、尊重、与名人上床
[03:07.-1]So who's on your list? 你的名单有谁?
[03:08.68]IKim Basinger... 金贝辛格
[03:10.25]... Cindy Crawford,Halle Berry... 辛蒂克劳馥、荷莉贝瑞
[03:13.00]...Yasmine Bleeth... 雅丝敏布丽丝
[03:15.79]...and Jessica Rabbit. 和罗杰兔的老婆洁西卡
[03:19.59]You do realize that she is a cartoon, and way out of your league? 你知道她是卡通人物 而且和你不同挂吧?
[03:24.13]I know. I just wonder if I could get her eyes to pop out of her head. 我知道,我是看看 我能不能让她的眼珠掉出来
[03:29.80]Who would yours be? 摩妮卡,你会选谁?
[03:31.54]First,I need a boyfriend. Then I can have a list. 我得先交男朋友,才能列名单
[03:35.21]It's just a game,Mon. 只是好玩嘛,妈
[03:39.11]Rach,how about you? 瑞秋,你呢?
[03:40.72]I don't know. I guess Chris O'Donnell,John F. IKennedy Jr... 不晓得,应该是克里斯欧唐纳 小约翰肯尼迪
[03:45.12]... Daniel Day-Lewis,Sting and Parker Stevenson. 丹尼尔戴路易斯、史汀 和帕克史蒂文生
[03:50.53]Spiderman? 蜘蛛人?
[03:52.39]Hardy Boy. 哈第兄弟神探
[03:54.70]-Peter Parker. -Thank you. 是彼得帕克 谢谢(其实瑞秋才是对的)
[03:58.20]What about you,honey? Who'd be on your list? 你呢?你会选谁?
[04:01.00]That kind of thing requires some serious thought. 这种事需要深思熟虑
[04:04.37]First,I'd divide my prospective candidates into categories. 我会先把可能人选分门别类
[04:08.68]What a geek! 怪人
[04:11.75]Everybody,this is Frank! My half brother,Frank! 各位,这是法兰克 我同父异母的弟弟
[04:14.92]This is everybody. 就是他们
[04:16.52]-This is Ross. -How are you? 这是罗斯 你好吗?
[04:23.19]This is Monica. 这是摩妮卡
[04:27.23]And this is Rachel. 这是瑞秋
[04:32.67]I'm gonna get coffee for us. 我去点咖啡
[04:34.44]Hey,how do you guys get anything done? 你们怎么做得了事?
[04:37.61]We don't,really. 我们是没做什么事
[04:40.84]Do you guys have big plans? 你们有什么计划吗?
[04:42.91]Oh,yeah. We're gonna connect and bond and everything. 有,我们要好好的联络感情
[04:47.02]I thought we could go down to Times Square and pick up some ninja stars. 我们会去时代广场 买几个忍者娃娃
[04:51.92]My friend,Larry,he wants me to take a picture of a hooker. 我朋友赖瑞托我拍妓女的照片
[04:57.59]We really don't take advantage of living in the city. 我们在纽约都白住了
[05:15.04]Oh,sorry. Did I get you? 抱歉,我钻到你了?
[05:18.45]No,you didn't "get" me! 没有,你没有钻到我
[05:20.-4]It's an electric drill! 那是电钻
[05:21.38]You "get" me,you kill me! 你要是钻到我,我就死了
[05:24.42]Calm down! Do you want this unit or not? 别激动 你要不要这个柜子嘛?
[05:27.09]I do not want this unit! 我不要这个柜子
[05:29.62]You should've told me before. I'm not a mind reader. 你不早说,我又不会心电感应
[05:34.40]And we're out of beer. I'm going to Monica's. 没有啤酒了,我要去对面
[05:38.10]Fine! 你去啊
[05:46.64]Where you heading in those pants? 1982? 你穿这样要去哪里? 1982年?
[05:50.85]I saw down at the hardware store,they got those designer tiles on sale... 对了,我在装潢建材店 看到名牌瓷砖在特价
[05:55.78]...if you wanna redo your bathroom floor. 你可以重铺浴室地板
[05:58.52]What's wrong with my bathroom floor? 我的浴室地板怎么了?
[06:00.79]Nothing. It's just old and dingy, that's all. 没什么,只是又旧又暗
[06:04.63]I highly doubt that. 没有这回事
[06:08.10]If you move your hamper... 你把篮子移开…
[06:10.87]...you see how the tile used to be. 就能看到瓷砖原来的颜色
[06:16.47]I can't live like this! What are we gonna do? 这样我怎么住!怎么办?
[06:19.44]Relax. Here,hold this. 别激动,拿着
[06:21.11]This old stuff comes right up. I'll show you. 瓷砖一撬就掉,我弄给你看
[06:26.51]A little more than I wanted to see. 我没想到你要撬它
[06:31.82]Look at that! Every inch of this is glued down! 你看看,黏得多死啊
[06:35.00]It'd take forever to pry this up. You should just leave it. 撬也撬不完,我看你别管了
[06:40.50]I can't leave it! You gouged a hole in my dingy floor! 怎么能不管 你在我的旧地板上撬了个洞
[06:53.64]There. There you go. 这样就好了
[06:56.58]Yeah,that's nice. 挺好的
[06:58.01]We can put it back there after the surgeons remove it from your colon! 塞进你的屁股里会更好
[07:11.49]I know what I wanted to ask you. Can you roll your tongue? 我知道我要问什么了 你会卷舌头吗?
[07:15.86]Because I can and my mom couldn't. 因为我会,但是我妈不会
[07:18.73]And I figured that was something I got from our dad. 我想那一定是爸的遗传
[07:22.67]Well,wait,you mean like this? 等一下,你是说这样?
[07:26.21]Yeah,you can do it too. Yeah. 对,你也会
[07:29.68]You're not doing it. 你没有卷啊
[07:31.35]Oh,right. Okay. Yeah,my mom could and I can't. 好吧 所以是我妈会,我不会
[07:36.08]We don't have that. 我们这一点不一样
[07:43.69]When's your birthday? 你的生日是哪一天?
[07:45.13]February 16th. 2月16日
[07:46.93]I know a guy who's the 18th. 我认识一个18日的人
[07:51.13]That's close. 蛮近的
[07:54.30]When's yours? 你的生日呢?
[07:55.60]October 25th. 10月25日
[08:01.81]That's the same month as Halloween. 跟万圣节同一个月
[08:08.58]So what kind of things do you like to do at home? 你在家里喜欢做什么?
[08:12.65]Melt stuff. 烧东西
[08:18.49]-Okay,I've got three of my five. -Three of your five what? 好,我已经挑了三个 三个什么?
[08:22.66]Celebrities I'm allowed to sleep with. 可以上床的名人
[08:25.67]God,you're giving this a lot of thought. 天哪,你还真慎重
[08:28.14]Hey,it's hard,okay? I only have two spots left. 很难挑好吗?我只剩两个空缺
[08:30.94]All right. Who you got it narrowed down to? 你筛选出谁了?
[08:34.31]Elizabeth Hurley. 伊丽莎白赫莉
[08:36.34]Very attractive. 大美女
[08:37.68]Forgiving. 心胸宽大
[08:41.58]Susan Sarandon. 苏珊莎兰登
[08:44.92]You know what? She's too political. 她太热衷政治了
[08:47.19]She'd probably make you donate four cans of food first. 她可能会叫你先捐四个罐头
[08:53.29]And lsabella Rossellini. 还有伊莎贝拉罗塞里尼
[08:56.20]Very hot. Very sexy. 很辣、很性感
[08:57.67]But she's too international. She's never gonna be around. 但是太国际化了 她不会跑来美国的
[09:02.94]-So? -So you gotta play the odds. 所以呢? 所以你得掌握胜算
[09:05.44]Pick somebody who's gonna be in the country all the time. 挑一个会一直在国内的人
[09:09.18]Yeah. Because that's why you won't get lsabella Rossellini. Geography. 对啊,你之所以钓不到她 是地理因素
[09:23.89]Okay. So by "melting" you meant melting. 你说的“烧”就是烧
[09:29.46]So is it,like,art? 这是艺术吗?
[09:30.87]Yeah,you can melt art. 要烧艺术也可以
[09:34.74]Hey,can I use your phone? 可以借个电话吗?
[09:37.54]-Sure. You want to call your mom? -No,I want to melt it. 当然,你要打给你妈? 不是,我想拿来烧
[09:42.48]Oh. Well,not right now. 现在不行
[09:51.22]I'm gonna go to bed. The fumes are giving me a headache. So.... 我要去睡了,烟熏得我头痛
[10:00.00]Good night,"bro." 晚安,老弟
[10:02.90]Good night. 晚安
[10:08.54]Here. 拿去
[10:10.37]Just in case. 以防万一
[10:12.44]Oh,excellent! 太好了
[10:27.22]-What kind of karate is that? -No kind. 那是什么空手道? 什么都不是
[10:32.13]He just makes it up. 那是他自创的
[10:34.56]-How's it going with you guys? -So far it kind of blows. 你们处得怎样? 蛮烂的
[10:42.40]I don't know,I just thought he'd feel more like a brother. 我以为他会更有兄弟的感觉
[10:46.11]Like you and Ross. Close and connected and.... 就像你和罗斯,亲密融洽
[10:48.74]We're close now. You wouldn't believe the years... 现在是很亲,但是以前
[10:51.48]...of noogies,and wedgies,and flying wedgies,and atomic wedgies and.... 我们又吵又打,又拉又扯
[10:57.82]That's when the waistband goes over your head. 然后裙子就会被扯到头上来
[11:03.59]We drove each other crazy playing the shadow game. 我们还学舌去烦对方
[11:06.09]-How do you play the shadow game? -How do you play the shadow game? 什么是学舌? 什么是学舌?
[11:09.13]-I just asked you. -I just asked you. 我在问你啊 我在问你啊
[11:11.50]I don't have time for this. 我没空跟你闹
[11:13.77]-That is what the game is. -You just gave up really quickly. 这就是学舌 你放弃得真快
[11:20.17]-Seen Joey? -What's the matter? 有看到乔伊吗? 怎么了?
[11:22.01]Oh,just this! 就是这个
[11:29.38]It's my fault,really,because the couch is where we keep the varnish. 其实是我不好 沙发就是用来放亮光漆的
[11:35.86]Somebody wanna hand me one of those tiles? 把瓷砖拿给我
[11:40.73]-What's going on? -He's retiling my floor. 怎么回事? 他在帮我重铺地板
[11:44.57]Spackle boy! 泥水匠
[11:47.30]-Get up! -You started this,you'll finish it! 给我起来 你要有始有终
[11:50.74]He started mine first! 是我先受害的
[11:52.51]Build the unit,Cinderellie Lay the tile,Cinderellie 灰姑娘,去钉柜子 灰姑娘,去铺瓷砖
[12:00.75]Big octopus. 大章鱼
[12:11.23]Oh,my God! I totally forgot! 天哪,我都忘了
[12:14.33]Well,can't someone else do it? 不能找别人吗?
[12:16.86]But I have company. 但是我有客人
[12:22.00]Look,that's all right. I'll come in. 没关系,我去
[12:25.84]I'm sorry, but I have to go into work. 对不起,我得去工作
[12:28.51]It's one of my regulars who's insisting that I do him,so.... 我的一个熟客坚持要让我做
[12:32.28]Hey,what kind of work do you do? 你在做什么工作?
[12:35.22]I'm a masseuse. 我是按摩师
[12:36.52]I give people massages and stuff. 我帮客人按摩
[12:38.79]You work at one of those massage parlors? 你在按摩院工作?
[12:43.69]Well,you know,we don't call it that. But,yeah. 我们不那样叫,不过没错
[12:50.26]That's wild. 好劲爆
[12:52.57]No,I had no idea. 我完全不知道
[12:54.77]Alrighty. 好吧
[12:57.57]I'll be back in a little bit. 我过一会儿就回来
[12:59.31]Unless you want to come with me. 除非你想跟我去
[13:01.48]You mean,like,watch? 你是说去看吗?
[13:04.41]No. No,you can get one yourself. It'll be on the house. 不是,你也可以接受服务 而且是免费招待
[13:08.65]What are big sisters for? 不然要姐姐干什么?
[13:11.22]Well,I don't think this. You know? 我并没有这么想
[13:14.39]No. No,no. I wouldn't do you myself. 不…我不会亲自招呼你
[13:16.66]I mean,that would be weird. 那样很奇怪
[13:20.-3]I'll get one of the other girls to do it. 我会请其他小姐来做 我帮客人按摩
[13:22.46]This is so much fun! 真好玩
[13:26.00]Are you excited? 你兴奋吗? 兴奋
[13:30.-2]Hey,do Monica and Rachel work there? 摩妮卡和瑞秋 也在那里工作吗?
[13:35.14]It's beautiful! 好漂亮
[13:37.18]It's like the first bathroom floor there ever was! 之前的地板好像一场梦
[13:42.62]What are you going in there for? 你想进去干什么?
[13:45.12]You want,like,a number? 嘘嘘如何?
[13:51.33]Hi. Bye. 再见
[13:54.53]Okay. I'm done with my choices. 好,我选好了
[13:57.33]These are final. 这是最后名单
[14:00.77]-Well,it's about time. -Yeah. Very official. 你也该选好了 对啊,好正式
[14:03.94]Oh,yeah. Well,you know,Chandler printed it up on his computer. 对,这是钱德用他的电脑印的
[14:08.44]And who laminated it? 谁拿去护贝的?
[14:11.81]That was me. 是我
[14:14.05]All right,let me see. 拿来我看看
[14:16.35]"Uma Thurman,Winona Ryder, Elizabeth Hurley... 乌玛舒曼、薇诺娜瑞德 伊莉莎白赫莉
[14:20.39]... Michelle Pfeiffer... 蜜雪儿菲佛
[14:22.72]... Dorothy Hamill"? 桃乐丝汉弥尔?(溜冰名将)
[14:30.23]Hey,it's my list! 这是我的名单
[14:33.-2]You do realize she only spins like that on ice? 你知道她只有在冰上 才会一直转吧?
[14:45.81]-What's going on? -She broke my arm! 怎么了? 她扭断了我的手
[14:48.52]-He touched my fanny. -She touched mine first! 他摸我的屁股 是她先摸我的
[14:51.35]That's my job! 那是我的工作
[14:53.09]So what's the deal? I can have sex with you but I can't touch you? 什么意思? 我可以上你,却不能摸你?
[14:58.56]-You can't have sex with her! -Did you think I was a hooker? 你不能上她 你以为我是妓女?
[15:02.10]No,okay. I know. You're a masseuse. It's cool. I'm not a cop! 不,我知道你是按摩师 很好,我又不是警察
[15:08.94]Ask Mr. Wiffler if he can wait for five minutes. 你去请威佛先生等5分钟
[15:12.21]Fine. 好
[15:13.87]I don't like you. 我不喜欢你
[15:17.28]So that's what you thought I did? God! 你以为我是干那行的?天哪!
[15:21.55]That's not what I do! 我不是干那行的
[15:23.75]Wait,that's not what you do? 你不是干那行的?
[15:27.02]No! 不是
[15:29.06]Why would you think that? 你怎么会这么想?
[15:30.86]I don't know. This is the city, you know? I just.... 不知道,这里是纽约嘛
[15:34.46]I mean... 我是说…
[15:35.93]... I don't know. 我不知道
[15:38.87]Whatever. It's the perfect end to the perfect weekend anyway. 随便,好一个完美的周末 完美的句点
[15:44.14]Oh,wait. 等一下
[15:45.54]No,you're right. No,it was perfect. 你说得没错,真的很完美
[15:49.41]I can't believe I screwed it up so bad. 我居然把它搞砸了
[15:53.78]You thought it was perfect? 你觉得很完美?
[15:55.48]Well,no,maybe it wasn't perfect... 也许称不上完美
[15:58.-4]... but you know,it was pretty cool, you know? 但还是很酷
[16:00.72]Because we had all those great talks,you know? 我们聊得那么愉快
[16:08.16]Which ones in particular were great for you? 你觉得哪一次特别愉快?
[16:11.90]Well,you know,about the tongue thing,you know? 就是卷舌头的事
[16:14.77]And how I told you about my likes and my dislikes. 还有我告诉你 我喜欢什么,讨厌什么
[16:20.07]How I like to melt stuff,and how I dislike stuff that doesn't melt. 我喜欢烧东西 不喜欢不能烧的东西
[16:26.18]Right. Okay. 对,好
[16:28.62]I feel like I can really talk to you because you're my sister,you know? 我有话都能对你说 因为你是我姐姐
[16:36.26]Yeah. I guess I do. 是啊,大概吧
[16:39.13]And then I go feel your friend up and make you mad at me. 结果我却摸你朋友 惹你生气
[16:44.20]Well,I wasn't hopping mad, you know? 我也没有气到跳脚
[16:48.20]You hopped a little bit. 你有跳一、两下
[16:52.34]Yeah,I'm really sorry. You know,I'm really.... 我真的很抱歉
[16:56.54]Okay. 算了
[17:00.15]Well,this is my favorite part of the weekend. Right now. This. 我觉得现在这一刻最棒了
[17:04.-1]This? 现在?
[17:06.-4]Oh,come on. We went to Times Square. 拜托,我们去了时代广场
[17:08.62]We found ninja stars. I almost get my arm broken by a hooker 买到忍者娃娃 我差点被妓女扭断手
[17:11.89]She's not a hooker. 她不是妓女
[17:13.86]When I tell my friends about her, she will be. 我跟朋友吹嘘时,她就是
[17:23.54]On 3! 数到三
[17:24.71]1,2 一、二…
[17:26.84]Why don't we just go on 2? 为什么不数到二?
[17:28.68]Why 2? 为什么?
[17:29.84]Because it's faster. 这样比较快
[17:31.51]I could've counted to 3 four times without all the "2" talk. 要不是你噜唆,早就数到三了
[17:35.22]-All right,but in the future -Heavy thing! Not getting lighter! 好,但是以后… 这个柜子很重,好吗!
[17:40.69]1,2 一、二…
[17:42.32]So we are going with two? 所以要数到二吗?
[17:53.67]A good job,Joe. 乔伊,干得好
[17:56.54]Wow. 哇
[17:58.27]It's big. 好大
[18:01.28]So big it actually makes our doors look smaller.
[18:05.01]Maybe my ruler's wrong. 可能是量尺有问题
[18:06.58]Maybe all the rulers are wrong. 可能所有的量尺都有问题
[18:09.78]It's not that bad. So it blocks a little of your door,a little of mine. 还好嘛,你的挡一点点 我的挡一点点
[18:14.46]I got a better idea. 我有更好的主意
[18:15.76]How about it blocks none of my door, and a lot of your door? 干脆不要挡我的,都去挡你的
[18:22.56]Listen,before I forget, that side is still wet. 先说一声,那边油漆未干
[18:30.37]Let me just see if I've got this right. 我跟你确认一下
[18:32.71]So this is a half-caf,double-tall, easy hazelnut... 是咖啡因减半、中大杯 少许榛果糖浆
[18:36.38]... nonfat,no foam,with whip, extra-hot latte,right? 无脂牛奶、不要奶泡、要打过 要非常烫的拿铁,对吧?
[18:41.55]Okay. Great. 太好了
[18:43.72]You freak. 变态
[18:51.39]Thank you. 谢谢
[18:52.66]A coffee to go,please. 一杯咖啡外带
[18:58.57]Isabella Rossellini! 是伊莎贝拉罗塞里尼!
[19:00.17]Are you serious? Oh,my God! 不会吧?天哪!
[19:03.00]Damn! I cannot believe I took her off my list! 该死!我居然把她删掉
[19:06.74]Why? Because otherwise you'd go for it? 怎么?不然你会行动吗?
[19:11.68]Yeah,maybe. 搞不好
[19:13.91]You lie. 骗人
[19:16.08]You don't think I'd go up to her? 你不认为我会行动?
[19:18.15]It took you 10 years to finally admit you liked me. 你花了十年承认你喜欢我
[19:24.-3]Yeah? Well,missy,you better be glad that list is laminated. 是吗?你最好庆幸 这份名单已经护贝了
[19:29.60]You know what,honey? You go ahead. We'll call her an alternate. 这样吧,你放马过去 就当她是候补人选
[19:35.87]Hold my cruller. 好,帮我拿
[19:39.61]Are you really gonna let him do this? 你真的要让他去?
[19:41.78]He's about to go hit on lsabella Rossellini. 亲爱的,他要去泡 贝拉罗塞里尼耶
[19:44.18]I'm just sorry we don't got popcorn. 可惜没有爆米花可吃
[19:52.29]I'm Ross. 你好,我是罗斯
[19:54.02]You don't know me, but I'm a big,big fan of yours. 你不认识我 但我是你的超级影迷
[19:57.83]I mean... 我是说…
[19:59.49]...Blue Velvet. “蓝丝绒”!
[20:04.03]I was wondering if I could maybe buy you a cup of coffee. 我能不能请你喝一杯咖啡?
[20:08.-2]Or reimburse you for that one. 或是把钱给你
[20:12.51]Aren't you with that girl over there? 你不是跟那个女生一对?
[20:19.31]Well,yeah,kind of. 算是啦
[20:21.05]But that's okay. We have an understanding. 但是没关系,我们有共识
[20:24.02]We each have this list of five famous people,and you were one of mine. 我们都有一份五个人的名人录 你就在我的名单上
[20:29.06]So I'm allowed to sleep with you. 所以我可以跟你上床
[20:33.03]It's flattering. 这是恭维
[20:37.33]I don't know 还是算了
[20:38.40]Wait. Wait,lsabella. 等一下嘛,伊莎贝拉
[20:41.57]Don't dismiss this so fast. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. 先别急着否决 这可是千载难逢的机会
[20:46.27]Yeah,for you. 对你而言
[20:49.78]Is that the list? 这就是名单?
[20:51.11]-Yes. -Can I see it? 我可以看吗?
[20:53.51]-Come on. -But Okay. 看一下嘛 好吧
[20:56.52]I'm not on the list! 我不在名单上
[20:57.92]But that's not the final draft. 这不是定案
[21:01.05]It's laminated. 都护贝了
[21:04.89]Okay,see,you were on my list. 对,好吧,你本来在名单上
[21:07.76]But then my friend,Chandler... 但是我的朋友钱德…
[21:13.07]... brought up the point that you are international. 指出你太国际化了
[21:16.30]So I bumped you for Winona Ryder. Local. 所以我拿薇诺娜瑞德 取代你,比较本土
[21:20.14]You know,it's ironic, because I have a list... 真是太讽刺了 因为我也有一份名单
[21:23.78]...of five goofy coffeehouse guys. 列了五个咖啡店蠢人
[21:26.88]And yesterday,I just bumped you for that guy over there. 就在昨天,那个人取代了你
[21:39.06]We're just gonna be friends. 当朋友就好了
[21:46.40]You know what? 你知道吗?
[21:48.90]Bet you I could fit in there. 我赌我塞得进去
[21:53.01]I got five bucks says you can't. 我拿5元赌你塞不进去
[21:56.81]Get out your checkbook,mister. 掏支票吧,先生
[21:59.75]Oh,I think I have the cash. 我有现金
[22:07.69]You are dog,man! 你太逊了
[22:10.42]I totally fit! 我塞得刚刚好
[22:12.76]Yeah. You got me. 是啊,被你赢了
[22:15.10]I'm out five big ones. 我输了5元大钞
[22:20.90]There you go. 拿去吧
[22:22.94]Thank you. 谢谢
[22:28.21]Oh,well,hello,Mr. Lincoln! 总统先生,你好
[22:31.68]Better luck next time,buddy! 祝你下次好运
[22:34.38]And the drinks are on me! 酒钱由我出
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